Encourage people to do positive things by offering your skills and resources.

Everybody has something that they can do for, or provide to, someone else. With Easyah, you can share your skills and resources, safe in the knowledge that the person you are helping is also working to create positive energy in the world, just like you. In return for your offer, you receive points, which let you reach out to others who are offering their skills and resources, just like you!

For someone to contact you regarding your offer, they must meet your requirements. You can require that they

What Should You Offer?

You should offer something you are able to do well. Or perhaps you would like the opportunity to do something more often. You could offer to do that, and then get better at it. Anything (legal)! Share what you are able, your skills and resources.

Read more in the FAQ.

When Your Offer is Requested

When someone wants to request your offer, we make sure they meet the conditions you set. Then we place a hold on their points, so they can't be spent elsewhere. You will receive a message that someone has requested your offer. You have the choice to accept, or decline the request.

If you accept, you will then have access to the person's contact info, and they will have access to yours. The two of you make the necessary arrangements, and then, you do your thing. When you have completed your offer, you will need to mark it complete in the app. The other person confirms your offer has been completed, and then, you will receive the points you requested.

The Benefits

1 / 4 - Your offer will encourage other people to do more substantial, purposeful, positive things with their time, so as to earn the points they need in order to reach out to you. Even if a person never actually reaches out to you, their knowing that you have committed to be of help, is valuable, motivational, to them.

2 / 4 - Since a person needs points to reach out to you, and the only way they can get them is when other people show gratitude to them, and slowly at that, you can be assured that points represent positive energy that has affected many people, over time. You can build with that.

3 / 4 - By requiring a recommendation, you can require a person direct their energy toward a certain purpose. When that purpose gives them the recommendation, only then are they able to reach out to you.

4 / 4 - You receive something valuable when you fulfill a request for your offer. You receive points, which you can use to reach out to other people like yourself, who are encouraging positive energy, by offering their skills and resources.