Take someone else's word for it.

A recommendation is like a stamp of approval.

You make use of them in two different ways.
When you make an offer to do something, you can require that a person have a certain recommendation. The person making the request will have to have received that recommendation, before they can request your offer. There's no limit to what they may have to do to get the recommendation; that is up to the person or organization giving them out.

For instance, if your favorite organization was Children's Hospital, and you wanted to be sure that your effort goes to people who also favor Children's Hospital, you could require a recommendation from Children's Hospital on your offer. In this way, no one would be able to request that offer from you, without having first done something to win Children's Hospital's recommendation. Of course, Children's Hospital would have to be a user on Easyah.

At present, you have only one recommendation to give; it appears as your username. In the future, you will be able to create unlimited Recommendations, with different text, all of which only you can give.