Little digital bits of gratitude.

On one hand, points are how other people (or smart dogs) show their gratitude to you.

On the other hand, points are how you say "Please?" to someone who can help you.

From the top...

A point can only exist when somebody who is grateful to you, sends it to you.

So, if you do things that other people appreciate, you can give them a unique way to say "Thanks!". When they do, we count that as "positive energy created". Each time someone says thank you to you, we feel our mission has benefited. And that leads us to the other hand.

Easyah lets you use the points that people send you, to communicate with other people who are using the app. They decide how many points you need. If you have them, you can send a request (like saying "Please?"). This is how we go about creating collaborative positive energy.

Our selling point, the reason we claim everyone should use the app, is that we are creating positive energy, on a massive scale. Positive energy leads to gratitude, and gratitude leads to points. Points are used to make requests, and satisfied requests create a positive energy.

The power Easyah gives is the ability for you to say how much of that positive energy is to be created, before you will share your skills and resources.

Now, of course, you'd have to be the kind of person who likes positive energy in order for any of this to matter. We think there enough of those people in the world, like yourself, such that we can do some good.