Insightful answers to common questions people have about Easyah.

What should I offer?

First, remember, your offer generates positive energy. This is because people must create positive energy (by doing things that others appreciate), in order to earn the points that they need to request your offer.

To figure out what you should offer, some good questions to ask yourself would be..

  • "How do I earn a living?"
    Whatever it is, you can bet somebody needs that!
  • "What am I passionate about?"
    Offer to talk with someone about it.
  • "What do I have a surplus of?"
    Got more than you need? Somebody wants to make good use of it!
Remember too, that nobody knows it's your offer, until you accept their request. (unless you tell them.. that's allowed).

..and you can have as many offers as you want, so don't hold back!

What you offer is your own choice. As long as it is legal, Easyah doesn't set any rules. Charge for it if you like, give it away if you want to. Whatever. Our goal is to generate more positive energy, and then make that energy collaborative between people.

How many points is my offer worth?

Honestly, we don't know. To give you some idea, 150 points would be an insurmountable number as things stand on March 9, 2019. If you are offering something big, request a lot of points. If you are doing something quick and easy, require fewer points. Ask for however many points you think your offer is worth.

Especially as we are in the early stages of this project in positive energy, nobody knows how many points is too many, nobody knows how many is not enough! Only you, the person making the offer can say that.

We will be developing tools which give you a sense of what other people are thinking. Stay tuned.

I'm not getting enough requests :(

If you feel like you are not getting enough requests, even though your offer is obviously awesomely useful, there are three things to consider.

  1. Require fewer points.
    Perhaps people just don't feel it's worth it to meet your asking price.
  2. Tell people you meet in real life about your offer.
    True, they may not need what you have to offer, but they will need what someone else has to offer. When they join, they add significant value to our positive energy project. That value may attract the people who do need what you have to offer. It's a very powerful, if indirect, way of getting your unique spin out into the world.
  3. Offer more!
    Make yourself stand out from people who are offering the same thing. Give them more time, or a pretty flower, perhaps.

I'm getting too many requests!!

First, don't panic!

Even though someone requests your offer, you can decline it anonymously. You won't hurt anyone's feelings. Very much. :)

Second, raise your points to slow things down somewhat. If you want to accept the requests you have, but you still want fewer requests in the future, then ask people to create even more energy.

Third, add a recommendation to sharply slow things down. This way you can require a person either be, or have done, something more specific than just "create positive energy". A person would need to "create positive energy" for a specific purpose in order for another person to give them the recommendation.